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There are over 8,000 real estate agents in Monmouth County alone!


Chances are high that someone you know personally is an agent -- a relative, co-worker, a friend of a friend.


Remember, your listing real estate agent will be pricing and managing the sale of one of your biggest financial assets. 


You will be best served if you think about selecting a listing agent the same way you select other important service professionals: plumbers, doctors, attorneys, or financial advisors. Select an agent with deep experience, a solid reputation, and a thorough knowledge of the market in your local area. 

Demand a Marketing Strategy


When you hire a listing agent, understand their overall approach to selling your home. Putting it on the MLS and adding a “For Sale” sign are minimal efforts.


Recognize that the sale starts on the internet way before a buyer steps foot in your home. Insist that your agent use professional photography and video to showcase your home online. Discuss how your agent will use digital and social strategies to attract buyers.

15 Questions You Should Ask Your Prospective Listing Agent

Why Should I Trust You?

  1. Is this your full time profession?

  2. Who can I talk to if you’re unavailable?

  3. How exactly is the sales commission divided up?

  4. Describe your reputation among the area Realtors?

  5. How well do you know my area?